"PPG offers new technologies and strategies to meet the needs of the industry."

As we move into the third millennium, we at PPG see the roles of customer and supplier evolving into a new type of relationship. We no longer view our businesses in isolation, but as interconnected and interdependent. Our relationship with our customers is becoming much more than a supplier selling a can of paint to the end-user. We want to see our customers grow and prosper. That's why PPG has made a commitment to create and nurture partnerships with our customers where we work together to solve problems and discover solutions to help increase productivity and profitability.

By focusing on customers as individuals, we can tailor-make paint systems to meet their specific shop conditions. With over 100 years of experience in the paint business we can offer our customers advice on everything from designing finishing-line layouts to personnel training and management. And we can offer the resources of a global leader in automotive coatings to provide the latest product technology, training and services to help move our customers into the new millennium.

That's why so many OEMs and fleet refinishers turn to PPG Commercial Coatings for paint systems solutions. Hundreds of scientists at our research centers are developing new technologies to meet tomorrow's needs. PPG is also continually developing a host of services to help customers improve productivity and performance in the paint shop.

New technology has allowed PPG to develop coatings systems that offer abrasion resistance, gloss retention and flexibility. Many products are specially formulated to resist humidity, corrosive atmospheres, mineral and organic acids, solvents, detergents and typical fleet vehicle fuels. Some systems are also available with anti-graffiti protection.

With governmental agencies around the world taking steps to regulate coatings products and their volatile organic components, refinishers and OEMs must be prepared to adapt to environmentally-friendly products and technologies. With that in mind, PPG has been developing new technologies over the past several years, with the goal of helping customers make an easy transition to low-VOC products.

New products and technology are only part of the picture. Looking to the future, PPG continues to develop programs and services to help their customers improve their paint operations.

For example, PPG offers a free, on-site analysis of fleet finishing operations to fleet manufacturers and refinishers. The analysis can provide valuable assistance with everything from designing finishing-line layouts for improved productivity to troubleshooting specific coatings systems.

As new products and application equipment are continually being introduced, training is becoming essential for everyone, no matter what role you play in the fleet industry. That's why PPG has invested heavily in people and facilities to develop the training resources required by this ever-changing industry.

PPG offers fleet product and application training courses for fleet refinishers, production line managers and technicians. There are also a host of management courses available.

Technology, training, durable, cost-effective products and outstanding services are the elements that will make the ideal coatings supplier of the 21st century. Now and in the future, PPG strives to be the best by never losing sight of individual customers and by working diligently and creatively to add real value to every product and every customer relationship.