Reading, PA-based Penske Logistics has decided to install collision warning system (CWS) equipment — also known as truck radar — on its tractor-trailer fleet following a successful pilot program of Eaton's VORAD EVT-300 CWS. The system was tested on tractor-trailers Penske operates for Whirlpool Corp.

“We will now include the EVT-300 as standard equipment on all new tractor orders,” said Paul Penatzer, vp-safety for Penske Logistics. “We also plan to retrofit the EVT-300 on many of the tractors in our existing fleet by the end of the year. This represents an investment of more than $2 million.”

Penske conducted the pilot program with Whirlpool last year. EVT-300 was installed on 50% of the Whirlpool fleet Penske manages. Accident costs were tracked for a year using the previous 12 months as a benchmark.

Trucks equipped with the radar system realized an 81% decrease in costs due to accidents that could be prevented with radar, along with a 44% reduction in costs for all auto liability accidents. Auto liability costs include financial losses due to legal liability for damage to other vehicles and accident-related injuries.