Peterbilt Motors Co. is the first truck manufacturer to announce availability of a new automated mechanical heavy-duty transmission from ZF Meritor. The FreedomLine transmission, which automates all shifts including startup and requires no clutch pedal, will be offered as an option with Pete's aerodynamic conventional Model 387 beginning this quarter.

The initial FreedomLine offered in the Model 387 is a 12-speed with both direct and overdrive configurations. Torque ratings for the “no-clutch-pedal” transmission range from 1,350 to 1,650 lb.-ft.

In addition to automating all shifts, the electronically controlled transmission senses engine loads and knows when to skip shifts to maximize fuel economy. Initial fleet tests of the Model 387 with the FreedomLine transmission have shown fuel economy increases of up to 4%, according to ZF Meritor. Visit .
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