The Inrix XD Traffic is said to be a premium-level, real-time and predictive traffic service optimized for the delivery of next generation connected navigation and driver services applications for vehicles, mobile devices and online. Inrix is a provider of traffic and driver services.

XD Traffic uses analytics and patented technologies to deliver traffic-enabled apps.

“Just as THX cinema surround sound revolutionized how we experience film, XD Traffic will transform how we navigate our world,” said Inrix CEO Bryan Mistele. “XD Traffic delivers a service that breaks through quality barriers offering automakers and navigation providers with the premium traffic information and toolset required to deliver navigation applications for the daily driver.”

Inrix said XD Traffic provides navigation solutions quicker as well as creating a “best time to leave” recommendation, travel time and ETA. It also produces real-time speed predictions and traffic forecasts using historical data models when real-time data is insufficient.

XD Traffic factors in traffic speeds, weather conditions, school schedules, and local events (sporting events, concerts, etc.) to deliver reliable traffic forecasts, the company said.

The software also looks at traffic ahead, including road closures and accidents, and alerts drivers to upcoming situations. Traffic speeds are accurate within 5 mph more than 90% of the time.

XD Traffic will be available across all 20 Inrix markets by the end of 2011.