Users of Rand McNally's IntelliRoute mileage and routing product have recently had two new integrated modules to consider adding to their systems: IntelliRoute Streets and IntelliRoute Fuel, a fuel purchase optimization system powered in part by from Integrated Decision Support Corp. (IDSC). Now, a third decision-support module is also available. It is designed to enable users to see the average rates along any given lane and, like the fuel purchase tool, it was developed in collaboration with IDSC.

“The Lane Rates tool allows you to select any point-to-point lane and see the average rates along it,” says Bernie Hockswender, director of sales for Rand McNally Commercial Transportation. “The system can even tell you how much is due to fuel surcharges and how much is a true rate. IDSC gathers the rate information in the course of auditing millions of freight bills, fuel taxes and fuel surcharges and develops a rate index from the data. This index is what our IntelliRoute system uses to provide lane rate information on demand. It is useful not only for day-to-day operations, but as a planning tool to help carriers evaluate new lanes or make better-informed decisions about rate adjustments.”

According to Hockswender, all three new decision support tools “are part of a larger effort to create a comprehensive, best-of-breed set of integrated tools for fleets. It is a logical addition to our core mileage standards and routing products and takes advantage of our unique capabilities.

More information is available at or by calling 800-333-0136.