Show trucks are nothing new. But then there's "Hank's Highway Hilton." This powder puff actually works for a living. The pride and joy of Monticello, N.Y.-based trucker Henry "Hank" R. Good, the 1981 Kenworth K100 cabover has toured truck shows around the U.S and across Europe. All the while, it has racked up over a million-and-half miles hauling freight. Good tells us that last year he finished a bumper-to-bumper restoration of the truck with the help of a long list of industry supporters. "With the exception of my Detroit Diesel 8V92," he reports, "the complete driveline was replaced from the radiator to the back rears, including all new brakes, wheels and tires." Among other work completed, the cab was rebuilt and repainted. No sooner was the KW out of the shop than it took 1st place at a nearby truck show. All told, the hotel-on-wheels has garnered Good 110 trophies. So far.