The rear obstacle sensing system from Rostra Precision Controls, called RearSentry, is now available for Class 7-8 trucks.

The system is designed specifically for applications where drivers do a lot of backing around parking lots in retail, fast food and convenience store locations.

RearSentry uses a microwave signal to detect obstacles up to 12-ft. behind the vehicle. When the system senses an object, drivers are alerted through a series of audible beeps that increase in intensity, as well as an LED display inside the cab the changes from green to yellow to red as objects get closer.

According to the company, RearSentry is not affected by weather conditions such as rain, sleet or snow.

The system can be used in conventional or cabover vehicles, and with pup trailers ranging from 32 to 28 ft., as well as trailers as long as 53 ft. or call 1-800-782-3379.