Webb Wheel Products and Lynnfin Truck Technologies recently introduced a self-cleaning brake system specifically engineered for use with Lynnfin's brake turbines. Developed by Webb, the new brake drum series, called Webb BTS (Brake Turbine System) Brake Drums, is designed to improve brake life and performance, and lower maintenance costs.

The contoured Webb BTS works by forcing air between the drum and the brake friction material, noted Webb. This blows hot air and dust from the drum to create a cooler and cleaner braking system. By more effectively reducing heat and debris, it may even help reduce the amount of noise coming from the brakes.

According to the companies, the combination of Lynnfin's Brake Turbines, which decrease the surface temperature of the brake friction material by up to 30%, and the expulsion of gasses from the new brake drum chamber, is enough to increase brake torque by up to 18%. The brake drum is available now in 7-, 8- and 8 5/8- in. sizes‥

Webb Wheel also announced its new performance-based brand classification program. Beginning in August 2003, all Webb manufactured wheel-equipment products will be branded as Webb Silver, Webb Gold or Webb Platinum, enabling customers to select equipment based on their own performance and budget needs.

webbwheel.com or www.lynnfin.com