Trailer sliders in the new Hutch 9800 Series from Hutchens Industries, Springfield, Mo., are engineered to provide longer service life, lower frame stress, and reduced downtime.

Designed specifically for 49-in. tandem-axle applications, the 9800 Series has an overall heightof 81/2 in. from the top of the body rail to the bottom of the sliding subframe. The 9810 Series fits the needs of users requiring a 101/2-in.-deep slider. These sliders, when used with a 9700 Series suspension, offer capacities of up to 24,000 lb. per axle.

Features of the 9800-9810 Series include full length slider pads, four symmetrical crossmembers for more uniform stress distribution, and a choice of positive locking-pin mechanisms for fast, easy slider repositioning. Spring-loaded, forged 15/8-in.-dia. lock pins ensure slider placement. Low-profile body rails are available in material thickness of 0.229 in. for maximum weight savings, or 0.275 in. for heavier-duty applications. Holes are punched in 4-in. increments to allow precise adjustments of vehicle weight distribution.

A new line of Class 3 through 8 cabover trucks and tractors has been introduced by Bering Truck Corp. Starting next year, the heaviest models, like the twin-steer HD270 above, will be assembled in Front Royal, Va., with U.S. powertrain components using a cab and chassis supplied by Hyundai Motor Corp. Class 3-6 models will be built by Hyundai in Korea using powertrains from U.S. suppliers. Starting in October, the company says it will begin selling a Class 5 truck and Class 8 tractor, followed in November by Class 6 and 7 trucks. A Class 8 mixer will be added to the lineup in January. Initially, Bering will limit its dealership network to east of the Mississippi.

A new hybrid truck tire, the XDE A/T, is designed to optimize performance in both on- and off-road applications, according to engineers at Michelin North America, Greenville, S.C.

Featuring a tread depth of 30/32 in. for longer wear, an open-block design for better traction in soft soil and off-road situations, and an extra-wide tread to improve handling and reduce sidewall vulnerability, the XDE A/T is currently available in three sizes: 11R22.5 LRH, 12R22.5 LRH, and 11R24.5 LRH.

A regional truck tire for high-load, high-scrub applications, the new XZE LRH, 255/70R22.5, is said to improve mileage and operating costs with its 18/32-in. tread depth, which is 12% deeper than that of the XZA tire it replaces. A 5% wider tread surface puts more rubber on the road for better handling and more miles.

A new line of fifth wheels from Fontaine Fifth Wheel reduces kingpin and fifth-wheel wear, as well as cuts time and labor needed to safely hook a trailer by automatically eliminating coupling slack.

TechLock System fifth wheels for standard-duty applications, featuring Fontaine's patented No-Slack II locking mechanism, are said to make false couplings "virtually impossible," while requiring only 65 lb. of pull force to open. The No-Slack II models weigh only 218 lb.

The new Fontaine fifth wheels also include heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty models for severe service applications. A wide range of air and manual slide brackets, as well as stationary plates and mounts are available for all TechLock System models.

A new mobile power generator is designed to provide true mobile electric power for operators of contractor, service, and emergency vehicles.

The AuraGen G5000 is capable of powering appliances, tools, computers, and other equipment from an idling to low-speed vehicle engine, producing as much as 5,000 watts of regulated 60Hz 120/240V power at any engine speed.

Initially, the manufacturer, Aura Systems of El Segundo, Calif., has targeted the generator for use on Ford

F-Series, Chevy and GMC C/K Series, and Dodge Ram pickups, and on a variety of RVs and SUVs. But heavier truck applications are foreseen. In fact, the generator has already been used in a truck powered by an International DT 466 diesel engine.

The 5kW generator mounts to the front of the vehicle engine and is turned by an automotive belt set that is included in the installation kit. It has has no effect on engine operation, and its installation does not affect the vehicle manufacturer's warranty.

The 3-in. stroke of a 30/30 spring brake introduced by Carlisle Spring Brake, Nampa, Idaho, compensates for drum expansion caused by overheating. The long-stroke brake, designed to replace 21/2-in. stroke brakes, complies with OEM and U.S. DOT performance requirements, and can be used with the industry standard caging tool.

A specially designed guided diaphragm maintains alignment of the power springs, preventing hang-ups and ensuring a long service life and full stroke of the pushrod.