You dont have to go back very many years to arrive at the time when software was spelled softwear and referred to a sweatshirt with your companys logo on the chest.

In far less then a decade, software systems have become as business-critical as a telephone, maybe more so.

Today there are scores of management systems from which to choose, and many software suppliers and fleets are thinking beyond individual applications to integration of all business functions into a single, digital river of data accessible to every user. The expanding scope and sophistication of the software tools available is good news for buyers, but it can also make the task of selection much more complex.

As you review software solutions, it is helpful to think in terms of an integrated network, even if you are purchasing just the first small portion of that some-day complete system. Ask about connectivity, the ability to scale the system up, and system upgrades. Software developers and integrators can be powerful business partners, helping you to position your fleet for growth into the next century. Looking at suppliers as prospective long-term business partners can also help you make solid implementation decisions.

We hope this directory will be a useful tool, as well.

To view the software directory, please refer to pages 69-80 of FLEET OWNERs November 1998 issue.