SPX Service Solutions says its Integrated Truck Diagnostic System is a PC-based tool that integrates the diagnostic software that fleets require onto one computer “platform.”

The system is ready to go “out of the box,” since SPX preloads the software onto each PC and designs the system so there are no software conflicts. And because the tool uses OEM software, SPX says fleet mechanics “are guaranteed to get the same fault codes that OEMs do.”

The system comes installed on a commercially available “ruggedized” laptop. The computer is water- and shock-resistant and is equipped with a touchscreen so no mouse is required. It also uses open architecture, so if a fleet later needs a new piece of hardware, it will be readily available and often less expensive.
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SPX Service Solutions has also released its new Dieseltune DX240 opacity smoke meter. The unit is designed for fleets to accurately measure the percentage of opacity of diesel exhaust to determine if the truck is excessively polluting the air and thus subjecting its operator to fines. According to the company, the meter can also serve as a valuable diagnostic tool.

The DX240 analyzes all smoke (black, white or blue) produced at the truck's stack using the company's SmokeStick exhaust probe, which is simply dropped into the stack.
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New brake technology

Omnibrake H.O.T. (high output technology) from TSE Brakes is now available in the U.S. First introduced at the IAA Show in Frankfurt, Germany, last fall, the new spring brake technology is a double-diaphragm brake actuator that is said to offer powerful performance in a smaller product.

According to TSE, the H.O.T. product line offers a “significant” increase in power and performance over standard diaphragm brakes. New technology has enabled TSE to increase the service performance of any traditional-size actuator. For example, a type-24 service chamber can be increased up to a type 27 without increasing its size.

The all-steel design is lighter and shorter than standard diaphragm brakes, with a dimensional profile similar to that of piston brakes. However, the double-diaphragm design is said to be less expensive than piston brakes.

The H.O.T. product line ranges from type 16 to 39 on the service side, and type 16 to type 30 on the parking side.
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Pete shifts transmissions

Peterbilt is now spec'ing Eaton Fuller's new FR Series 10-speed transmissions on its trucks. The transmissions, which replace the RT Series 10-speeds, provide a weight savings of up to 32 lb. and offer better reliability as a result of wider gears, higher-capacity bearings and larger shafts.

A new shift mechanism means improved shift quality and a tighter shift pattern. Vehicle uptime is also increased, the result of changes in the output seal system, air system and synchronizer design. Gear ratios and shift ratios are unchanged.

The OEM also offers the Eaton Fuller AutoShift Generation II 9 Series. Changes to the 9 Series include a new output seal system for improved durability and performance, and a 54-spline output shaft for greater strength.
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Taylor Made Environmental Inc. has introduced the Tundra line of compact refrigerators, small enough to fit under the seat or dashboard of a Class 8 vehicle. Just 9-in. tall, with a footprint of 20-in. by 16-in., the Tundra offers half a cubic foot of interior space. A slide-out drawer makes it easier to load and unload items, even from the back. Standard models operate on 12/24 volts DC, with an optional AC conversion kit that enables the unit to run on 115/230 volts AC. Visit www.tmenviro.com. 306

Superior Signals Inc. has added “green screen” technology to its SuperSight Collision Avoidance system of rear-mounted cameras. Cab-mounted video monitors, which show drivers what's behind the vehicle at all times, are designed especially for nighttime and extreme weather conditions such as heavy fog and rain. The screens can also be used under normal driving conditions. Visit www.superiorsignals.com. 307

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