Clean Burn, Lancaster, PA, has announced it has become an Energy Star partner, earning the designation after its CB-200 coil tube boiler had met Energy Star guidelines during recent testing.

The CB-200 unit features a three-pass heat exchanger that captures more heat; a low-mass water design for fast startup and reduced stack heat loss; a used-oil combustion burner; and a pre-plumbed and prewired system for easy installation.

“The CB-200-CTB boiler has a 200,000 Btu input per hour,” said Michael Shirk, president & CEO. “It can recycle 1.4 gal. of used motor oil per hour and provides a free fuel source to generate hot water. That water can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as ice melt, heating of baseboards, in-floor and shop space, or in car wash facilities.”