Customers of TMW Systems' TL2000 dispatch software will now have quicker access to enhancements and new features, thanks to the release of version 8.0. It includes a rolling release model and several other improvements, as well as error-checking for driver-entered data in mobile communications, easier editing capabilities to correct dispatch data, and enhanced application security and configuration features.

The software, which runs on the IBM System i (AS/400) platform, was tested for eight months. Many of the enhancements are a result of TMW's TL2000 Customer Steering Committee, a group of 15 customers who regularly provide feedback on products.

“Customers are excited about the additional power and improved features of this latest version,” says Ray West, TL2000 gm. “Both new customers to the system and our vibrant TL2000 user community, which includes many influential carriers, report greater operational efficiencies with the additional capabilities.”

TMW is planning to offer multiple applications based upon a standardized web framework to TL2000 customers over the next several months. The first of these applications — DriverSeat, Carrier-Hub and eStat 2.0 — extend the TL2000 system to users outside a company's walls through the web. DriverSeat focuses on a company's drivers and owner-operators. CarrierHub extends connectivity to a company's brokered carrier base, while a newly enhanced eStat 2.0 offers self-service opportunities for shippers.

Also planned for the TL2000 are improved integration with TMW's IDSC ExpertFuel and IDSC MatchAdvice to minimize fuel purchase costs and generate benefits through power-to-load-matching.