Two compact vehicle location devices from PowerLOC Technologies of Richmond Hill, Ontario, feature two-way wireless communications over land-based networks with wide coverage in the U.S. and Canada.

Designed for the analog cellular telephone network, the VLD101 weighs less than 11 oz. with a GPS antenna and includes four inputs for remote control of locks, horns, immobilizers or other on/off switched functions. In addition to real-time tracking, the system software can be set to alert fleets if a vehicle leaves a predetermined area or if a driver hits an optional panic button.

The VLD103 operates over the Cingular Wireless Mobitex packet data network. In addition to the VLD101 features, it can also be connected to a laptop or PDA for two-way messaging, and offers an optional accelerometer to detect collisions or unauthorized entry of a vehicle.

Both models can be queried by fleet dispatchers or programmed to send only exception reports to minimize communications cost.

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