A new lightweight suspension designed specifically for heavy-duty vocational trucks and tractors has been introduced by Peterbilt Motors and Kenworth Truck Co.

Developed by Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems and dubbed the Haulmaax, the suspension will be available exclusively on new trucks ordered through dealerships of the two OEMs.

Sean Coleman, marketing manager for Hendrickson, stated the key advantage of the Haulmaax is that its light weight allows higher payloads while its high-strength materials and advanced techniques ensure durability.

The suspension is also engineered for ride quality, according to the developer. “Haulmaax uses an innovative spring geometry that couples natural rubber with a high-density thermoset material for the preferred ride and handling characteristics desired in construction, refuse, logging and other heavy-duty applications,” said Coleman.

As for weight savings, according to Coleman, Haulmaax provides “over 500 lb. of additional payload in comparison to competitive steel-spring suspensions.”

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