Holland Neway International has introduced three higher-capacity drive axle suspensions: the single axle AD-130; tandem AD-260; and tridem axle AD-390. Designed for heavy-duty vocational truck and tractor applications, these axles have capacity ratings of 30,000 lb., 60,000 lb. and 90,000 lb., respectively.

These three new axles expand Holland's AD Series suspensions, which are available at ride heights of 8.75, 10 and 12 in. for a variety of vocational applications, including logging, construction dumps and mixers, refuse trucks and fire-fighting equipment.

Standard on the AD Series suspensions are through-pin axle connections that are compatible with 36/36 brake chambers.

The AD Series also features a parallelogram design — a non-torque reactive feature that helps maintain a constant pinion angle between the drive axles and driveshaft, minimizing torque-induced vibration.

This design also helps prolong U-joint and pinion bearing life. The company says this is especially important in tandem and tridem axle applications, where the interaxle driveshafts can be subject to high pinion angle changes because of the working environment.

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