Artisan Associates, Artisan Container Services, National Logistics Management, and NLM Supply Chain Solutions have announced the alignment of their organizations into one unified strategic enterprise, NLM. The new entity will serve as a fully integrated logistics provider of transportation, on-site management, and software solutions.

"We've centralized our resources and standardized our processes to offer customers a more tightly coordinated, comprehensive service approach with higher quality and increased efficiencies," said Greg Humes, president of NLM. "Customers will now have access to a top quality carrier network with greater capacity and improved supply chain visibility; a wealth of seasoned logistics experts with proven project management methodologies; and more easy-to-use, configurable software solutions for procurement, process compliance and data intelligence."

NLM also introduced a new logo and a new tagline, called “AllWays On,” in reference to its 24/7 service approach, the company said. As one company, NLM will offer a variety of supply chain services including OnGuard Critical, OnPoint Dynamic, OnTrack Solutions, and OnLine Services.

"By integrating processes, technologies and best practices of the various organizations, we've established a single control point that drives quality assurance for customers and streamlines the entire transportation management process," Humes said. "Backed by one of the most advanced web-based shipment management systems in the industry, NLM is now well positioned to accelerate growth and capture a more dominant share of the transportation market."