Stoneham, MA-based Circadian, a global firm that provides workforce performance and safety solutions, today announced forming a strategic partnership with Wichita-based Sleep Pointe LLC, (which provides a comprehensive sleep-apnea management program for the transportation industry. According to Circadian, working together the two firms will provide “best-in-class sleep disorder screening and treatment services to trucking, rail, aviation, oil services and other 24/7 businesses.”

Circadian said Sleep Pointe has the “unique ability to create a customized program that ultimately provides standardized, uniform sleep apnea solutions for their customers--anytime, anywhere. By using specially equipped trucks and mobile units, delivering temporary clinical setups in hotels and other facilities, and providing over 50 fixed sites, Sleep Pointe has established the first sleep apnea treatment solution tailored specifically to the needs of the transportation industry.” Sleep Pointe has serviced over 110,000 patients nationwide, using a proprietary sleep screening, diagnostic and compliance system.

Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, Circadian CEO said that Sleep Pointe’s “impressive sleep disorder solution enhances Circadian’s fatigue risk management system and offers significant value to all 24/7 operations. When obstructive sleep apnea is effectively treated, companies see a 50% reduction in accidents and injuries and a 70% reduction in health care costs in this very expensive group of employees.”

“This strategic partnership with Circadian accomplishes our joint mission to improve the health and wellness of employees within companies that operate 24/7,” said Duke Naipohn, Sleep Pointe CEO “The value of this shared mission extends beyond the individual health benefits for around-the-clock employees, to the cost-efficiency and bottom-line performance of the companies themselves -- by reducing the incidence of fatigue-related accidents.”

The companies noted that untreated sleep apnea is known to contribute to serious accidents and to have severe health consequences and proper treatment of sleep apnea may help reduce the risk of many other associated conditions -- including hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In addition, the firms said the transportation industry has been identified as having a higher-than-normal rate of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, as well as an increased incidence of these three leading adult health care concerns.

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