When Gerald Pelletier Inc., a family-owned firm that's been logging the North Woods of Maine for three generations and is featured on the Discovery Channel's “American Loggers” show, decided they needed new trucks that could both get the job done and look good on camera, they turned to Mack and went Titan.

Pictured here, company president Eldon Pelletier and his brother Jeff tour Mack's Macungie plant outside Allentown, PA, to see their Titans come together on the assembly line.

“We were ‘all-Mack’ for many years, and still have quite a few of those tough old Macks in our fleet working every day, so we know where the phrase ‘Built Like a Mack Truck’ comes from,” Eldon Pelletier said. “We were very pleased to see them come out with a new model that has the big power we need in the woods. We expect these new Titans will prove to be as tough as the ones we're used to.”