GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services has announced a hybrid rebate program for fleets that invest in green technology by leasing hybrid vehicles.

The Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2005 reserves $875 million for advanced vehicular technology projects such as hybrid tax credits. GE’s program tracks eligible vehicles for its customers through PricewaterhouseCoooper's Like Kind Exchange Services group. GE then calculates a hybrid credit based on eligible vehicles, providing the allocated rebate to its customers without an additional administrative fee, the company said.

“Hybrids aren’t the only way to boost a fleet’s environmental performance, but they can make a huge impact,” said John Righini, chief marketing officer for GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services. “Helping our customers by making that impact more affordable is another way we show our support for their efforts to improve their environmental performance and we look forward to implementing additional initiatives that will help our customers “go green.”

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