Grote Electronics, a division of Grote Industries, has dedicated a new 40,000 square ft. manufacturing facility, where the company’s light emitting diode (LED) circuit boards and electronic-based specialty products are assembled.

"Grote Electronics' expansion is meeting the demands of today's rapidly changing, lighting requirements, one of the most important being the effect on the bottom line," said Grote Electronics General Manager Luigi Tavernese. "Grote LED products are engineered to produce significant savings in terms of worker productivity and safety, as well as product reliability. In today's competitive, global economy, savings mean not only survival, but success."

The facility manufactures LED circuit board products for military, passenger car, and heavy-duty trucking applications. It is also the home of the company’s electrical, mechanical and manufacturing engineers.

"Grote is taking LED technology a step further. Our engineers add value by applying LEDs in practical applications," Morris added. "Grote Electronics' new capabilities in reliability and cost-effective manufacturing enable us to deliver the best performing LED solution for the trucking industry.