ABF Freight System is expanding its special short-haul regional transportation network to include the central and southern U.S. The move will increase next-day and second-day service to two-thirds of the carrier’s North American service centers.

ABF’s president & CEO Bob Davidson said the initiative is part of the company’s plan to increase use of its regional performance model (RPM), a short-haul freight network alongside ABF’s existing LTL structure. This will enable ABF to operate national long-haul and regional short-haul networks in parallel, boosting the reliability of both networks.

He noted that while the separate over-the-road networks are invisible to customers, they benefit from common pickup, delivery, sales and customer service capabilities along with the convenience of one carrier seamlessly handling regional, inter-regional and long-haul freight.

“The feedback we’ve received confirms shippers are searching for a carrier offering reliability and convenience for all of their shipments,” Davidson explained. “With RPM, customers benefit from rapid, reliable regional service in addition to the flexibility, supply chain visibility, careful cargo handling and attentive customer service they've come to expect from our traditional LTL service.”