A new program from International Trucks offers customers the chance to buy a new truck as part of a six-year lease that offers the chance to get a new vehicle in just three years without affecting the fixed-monthly payment.

Navistar’s Turn-in-Three program is available on two International truck models: the DuraStar and the TerraStar.

“International’s innovative Turn-in-Three program specifically offers fleets and small businesses a worry-free solution that also positively impacts the bottom line,” said Jim Hebe, Navistar senior vice president, North American sales operations. “In the end, customers get outstanding reliability in the form of two new trucks over the course of six years with full warranty coverage and fixed payments throughout.”

Under terms of the program, customers who lease a new DuraStar or TerraStar and sign up for the equivalent of two three-year leases with a fixed payment, will be able to trade in that vehicle at the three-year mark for a new model. The body will be transferred free of charge and the monthly payments will remain the same.

There will be 100% warranty coverage on both vehicles with a full parts and labor warranty on the engine, chassis, and complete drivetrain.

At the conclusion of the six years, customers have the choice of either walking away from the vehicle or purchasing it at market value.