A new carrier analytic tool from Vigillo is said to offer real-time data on motor carrier performance to brokers, shippers, and insurance providers.

Carrier Select is the first product in the company’s shipper/broker suite and is pre-populated with information on over 1.2 million motor carriers in the FMCSA Census database. The product provides real-time, across-the-board updates to information on a carrier’s insurance status, operating authority and safety performance, including CSA data, Vigillo said.

“Freight brokers, shippers and insurers have become increasingly concerned with monitoring the insurance, operating authority, safety rating, and CSA safety performance of their motor carrier partners,” said Steven G. Bryan, CEO. “Carrier Select taps into critical database sources to give them real-time visibility into the ever-changing landscape of a carrier’s overall safety and risk profile.”

Carrier Select allows users to set selection criteria through rules, filters and tags, and geo-location features. A “my carrier” list and control parameters offer users the chance to monitor and evaluate carrier partners. Among the analysis capabilities are carrier type, location, and CSA scores for each BASIC, Vigillo said.