A new mobile application being offered from C.H. Robinson can help carriers quickly fill empty trailers as well as stay up-to-date on pertinent information.

The CHRWtrucks.com mobile application provides relevant information associated with a shipment on a smartphone, which will help eliminate excessive phone calls, e-mailing, or faxing of shipment information. In addition, the application can launch mapping software on smartphones to provide directions to the shipper or consignee from the phone’s current location.

“Not all carriers have the luxury of having a laptop on the road with them, but instead carry a smartphone device,” said Bruce Johnson, director of carrier services. “This application puts the power in the palm of their hands to spend less time looking for loads and updating information and more time growing their business.”

The mobile application allows a motor carrier to enter pick-up information, check calls, and delivery information as well as posting empty equipment locations so C.H. Robinson employees can look for load matches to help fill those empty trucks and reduce empty miles.

C.H. Robinson works with approximately 49,000 transportation providers including motor carriers, railroads for primarily intermodal service, air freight and ocean carriers.