Denver’s Taxis on Patrol crime prevention program has been expanded to utilize commercial truck drivers throughout the state to serve as crime fighters.

“This is a way to prevent crime not only locally but across the nation,” said Larry Stevenson, spokesperson for Taxis On Patrol.

TOP was launched in January. Taxis drivers in Denver were recruited and trained to become “mobile watchdogs,” keeping one eye on the road and the other looking for criminals, according to a Fox 31 Denver report.

The program has now spread to truck drivers across the state. Stevenson said trucks blend into our community because trucks are everywhere.

“Taxi drivers are bound by local transportation. Truck drivers are on our highways and byways and crossing state lines.”

Stevenson said the TOP program proved its worth within 24 hours of its January launch. A taxi driver aided police in the arrest of four people responsible in a hit-and-run accident that killed Jose Medina.

“One of our taxi drivers — who we trained just 18 hours before — knew what to do and sprang into action and it led to these people being arrested. Since then taxi drivers have called in over hundreds and hundreds of calls that have led to arrest and protection of life and property throughout our community,” Stevenson said.

Truck drivers who participate in the program will receive a TOP seal to display on their truck. According to police, the TOP seals are changing the behavior of would-be criminals.