More than 77% of drivers incorrectly believe that a trucking company inherits past CSA violations from new hires, according to a recently released report from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI).

Job security concerns still exist, with nearly two-thirds of drivers somewhat or extremely concerned that they will lose their jobs as a result of CSA.

“ATRI’s study clearly points out that motor carriers, state trucking associations and FMCSA collectively need to do more to educate drivers about CSA and what it does and doesn’t mean for their jobs,” Ed Crowell, Georgia Motor Trucking Assn. president & CEO noted.

ATRI currently has a similar motor carrier survey underway which can be accessed online at ATRI’s website.

The new (ATRI) report details the extent to which CSA has exerted an influence on the daily lives of commercial drivers, including describing and analyzing driver attitudes toward and comprehension of FMCSA’s new regulatory program. It is based on survey data collected from 4,555 U.S. truck drivers.

The report also makes recommendations for enhancing driver knowledge and support through multiple training and education sessions, as well as other sources of familiarization.