Engine manufacturer Cummins Inc. has announced plans to retool its main facility, the Columbus Engine Plant (CEP), to produce a new light-duty diesel engine line by 2010.

Tim Solso, Cummins’ chairman & CEO, said preparations for the manufacturing lines are scheduled to begin in mid 2007. DaimlerChrysler will be the major customer for the new light duty engines—designed to power vehicles below 8,500 lbs. GVW for a number of automotive applications. Solso noted that this light-duty diesel engine is the result of a nine-year partnership between Cummins and the Dept. of Energy.

He added that Cummins expects the manufacturing lines for the new engine to occupy approximately 500,000 sq. ft. of the 1.4-million sq. ft. of space at CEP devoted to manufacturing. The project will cost approximately $250 million, which includes capital expenditures for machinery and equipment plus plant upgrades.