The deadline is rapidly approaching for registration for the 1st Truck Driver Social Media Convention, an all day and evening event to be held from 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15 at the Gold Strike Resort & Casino in Tunica, Mississippi.

The social media convention is “a day to unite, pay tribute, recognize, network and discuss ideas and solutions for the issues affecting professional drivers,” according to event organizers. “This is a first of its kind event where the driver will have center stage and will be heard as the force that keeps America moving.”

The event will focus on how truckers can best share their message through the use of social media.

Trucking social media is changing the platform on which the American trucker speaks, according to event organizers.

Social media assisted hundreds of abandoned Arrow Trucking drivers when the company suddenly shut down in 2009. Trucking social media brought ideas, concerns and solutions to the forefront as the FMCSA built the new CSA initiative. Those involved with social media within the industry are in active communication with Congress and senators in order to assure that the voices of the American driver is heard.”

Although much of the focus of truckers in the social media to date has been placed on “struggles and hardships of the professional truck driver's lifestyle, many more positives are accomplished through trucking social media as well,” event organizers said.

“Thousands of people within the industry, coming together to exchange thoughts, ideas and solutions that will best meet the needs of our nation’s drivers… this is the founding principal of the Truck Driver Social Media Convention.”

Open discussions and presentations for drivers addressing:
• Government regulations
• Truckers’ rights
• Owner-operator business success
• Truck driving careers
• Truck driver health

The event promises participants the opportunity to actively participate in open panel discussions on the issues and solutions concerning the professional driver; receive valuable information from experts in the field of law, employment, regulations, business management, health and social media; socialize and network with like-minded individuals. and dine and wind down with live entertainment.

“Throughout the day, drivers will have the opportunity to actively participate by sharing their thoughts, concerns, ideas and solutions to what they perceive as the most pressing issues facing truckers today, according to the event website.

“Through the tools of trucking social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, articles, blogs, YouTube, talk shows and many others . . . those involved with trucking social media will then take with them all that they have heard and learned from our drivers, and through the power of social media, assure that the voices of the American driver is heard.”

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