Based on data from TransCore, the top dry van rates currently available in the Philadelphia to Boston lane, averaging $2.09/mi., for the week ending Oct. 26.

The data is part of TransCore’s Truckload Rate Index.

The index indicates that rates within major lanes in the Northeast were holding up best, with lanes from Charlotte to Philadelphia and Columbus to Philadelphia ranking 2-3 in the survey.

Backhauls from Charlotte to Memphis rated poorly, averaging just $0.88 per mile. However, TransCore noted that adding a third leg through Jackson, MS, to that route could increase loaded miles by 35% at a rate of $1.50/mi. before heading back to Memphis at $2.08/mi.

In addition, the Hot Market Maps for TransCore’s DAT load boards show two available dry van loads for every truck on the Charlotte-Jackson lane.

DAT’s Best and Worst Lanes in America measures representative national spot market lane rates from TransCore’s Truckload Rate Index database and ranks them according to average linehaul rate per mile.