Fontaine Trailer Co. this year is providing a specially designed extendable trailer that will be used to haul a 65-ft. Christmas tree 4,300 miles from Washington State to Washington, DC, where it will be placed in front of the U.S. Capitol Building.

National Van Lines has been entrusted with the task of transporting the tree. The journey will begin Nov. 17 and go through Boise, ID; Salt Lake City, UT; Cheyenne, WY; Omaha, NB; Chicago, IL; Pittsburgh, PA; Baltimore, MD; and finally to the Capitol on Nov. 27.

“The fine people working together at Fontaine know how fortunate we are to live in freedom, and we are very excited about this opportunity to show our appreciation by providing the trailer,” said Glenn Chambers, president of Fontaine Trailer Co.

The custom of placing the nation’s Christmas tree on the front lawn of the Capitol Bldg. dates back to 1964. Since 1970 the “people’s tree” has come from one of our country’s national forests. This year’s lighting ceremony will take place on Dec. 6.