GE Capital Fleet Services has announced a new set of features for its Online Vehicle Ordering system that are designed to further automate and streamline the ordering process, including:

  • Vehicle images on configuration screens -- On-screen images enable customers to know what the vehicle looks like before purchasing.
  • Automated notification -- When ordering specifications or vehicle selectors need to be updated due to manufacturer data changes, users can choose to receive e-mails notifying them of the changes.
  • On-screen notification -- This new feature is available to users when manufacturer data changes. The new layout and expanded data will itemize changes in price and vehicle options/packages.

In addition to the notification and vehicle imaging enhancements, GE Capital Fleet Services upgraded print and PDF options to include all detailed option codes to help ensure fleet managers have the appropriate options selected before ordering. Option codes were also added to all appropriate screens to help make vehicle validation easier and faster for fleet managers.

Another new feature is the net equipment view option, which was developed to provide users a single view of the equipment without having to compare the standard and the optional features that are available for a particular vehicle.

“In today’s competitive environment, we understand that trimming minutes off a task or process can have a significant impact on our customers’ bottom line,” said Carrie Miller, VP vehicle lifecycle services.

The GE Capital Fleet Services’ online ordering system is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a secured customer website.