A pair of manufacturing facilities have reach safety milestones, including one facility that has not had a lost-time accident since 2007.

The Grede Holdings foundries in Kingsford, MI, and Bessemer, AL, have each surpassed one million man-hours without an incident, the company announced.

The Iron Mountain facility in Kingsford passed the mark on May 10, 2011. With 433 employees, the facility has had only two injuries in the past year and in 2010 won the Eagle Award for the safest plant in the company.

“This safety milestone from these two Grede facilities represents the dedication and diligence that all Grede employees have toward maintaining a safe work environment, and is a great credit to our team,” said Doug Grimm, chairman, president & CEO of Grede Holdings LLC. “As an industry leader, safety continues to be a number one priority for us.”

The Grede foundry in Bessemer, Ala., has not recorded a lost time accident since October 2007. The plant employs 155.

The safety milestones were determined by using DART (days away, restricted or transferred), which is a mathematical calculation that uses the man-hours worked to describe the number of recordable incidents per 100 employees that resulted in lost or restricted days, allowing for the comparison of facilities across companies.

According to Grede, the national DART average is 5.4 incidents. Both the Iron Mountain and Bessemer foundries are currently at zero. Grede’s company-wide rate is 1.3. Grede employs 4,900 nationwide, operating 15 foundries and three machining operations.