Ed Harmon and Jim Ranney, who co-founded Spartan Logistics, have handed over the reins of Spartan Logistics to Ed Harmon’s son Steve. Steve Harmon will assume the title of managing director of the warehouse and distribution company.

Ed Harmon and Ranney have both retired from the Columbus, OH-based company.

“My father founded Spartan in 1988, and has been an outstanding leader in the community, to our customers, and to our employees ever since. His vision and drive built Spartan into a top warehouse and distribution company in Ohio,” Steve Harmon said.

Harmon was a CPA and manager for a major accounting firm while helping his father start the company. His initial role at Spartan was designing, planning and implementing accounting and inventory control systems.

“Just as our founders have for the past 22 years, I will work hard to provide our customers with the services that meet their operational requirements and add value to their supply chain.” Harmon said.

Ed Harmon will continue as chairman of the board of directors, and will remain active in the community and as a driving visionary in the logistics industry.