Another Nor’easter storm walloped the upper East Coast last night, delivering a heavy snowfall that by morning left many key roads impassable, either due to road conditions or resulting accidents.

As state and municipal highway departments, especially in the tri-state region around New York City, struggle to catch up with plowing and de-icing, officials are asking all motorists to stay off the roads.

Connecticut—which had to close parts of I-95 at various times due mainly to jackknifed rigs-- went so far as to issue a ban on tractor-trailers operating on all highways in the state until 10 am.

The most recent traffic reports on I-95 in that state indicate the road is open, but the roadway remains very icy. I-95 Exit 10 Northbound in Darien is closed due to snow removal.

In addition, there are limited lane closures on all the Interstate highways running through Connecticut due to accidents and disabled vehicles.

As described by The New York Times, the powerful storm "appearing as a giant white smudge over the Northeast on radar maps, seemed to land hardest in New York City and the surrounding area." According to the National Weather Service, the storm dumped 19 inches on Manhattan and parts of Connecticut and New Jersey received about the same. Snowfalls amounted to at least a foot everywhere from Philadelphia up to Boston.