IMMI, a leading manufacturer of advanced safety systems for commercial vehicles, re-launched its “Click, Tug & Snug” truck- driver seatbelt education program. As a part of this initiative, IMMI is offering free updated driver education video kits as well as free dealer displays.

Click, Tug & Snug was originally launched in March 2008 at a time when Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) statistics showed that just 65% of truck drivers were wearing their seat belts. IMMI noted that “due to the efforts of trucking officials, federal and local enforcement officers, and driver safety campaigns like Click, Tug & Snug, FMCSA reported in March 2010 that 74% of commercial truck and bus drivers were now wearing their seat belts.”

“We are so pleased to see seat belt usage statistics improving, and we want to continue that upward trend,” said Mike Leakey, director of commercial sales. “The new dealer displays will make the updated Click, Tug & Snug training video kits more accessible to fleet owners so they can continue to educate their drivers about consistent, proper seat belt usage.”

For more information about the Click, Tug & Snug program or to order the free training video kit and/or dealer display, go to and fill out the order form on the “Contact” page.