Are you a fleet manager who is tired of having his fleet’s accomplishment’s fly under the radar? Well, according to NAFA Fleet Management Assn., it has a solution designed just for you. A new Professional Development Guide has been created to help managers showcase all the different roles they play within an organization: accountant, asset manager, buyer and seller, or safety manager, in addition to automotive “gurus.”

NAFA said the guide provides the tools to enable a fleet manager to excel professionally and demonstrate their value to their company or organization,

In addition, noted NAFA, the guide will help managers convince senior management of the value of the fleet and how that value exceeds operating expenses as well as show managers how an organization perceives value and how to understand the corporate culture.

Also included is how to open effective lines of communication and effectively communicate what the fleet is contributing to the organization. Among the topics discussed in the guide are understanding individual behavior and motivation, knowing how to maximize the effectiveness of groups, leading individuals and groups, applying frameworks of organizational processes, communicating effectively, and applying ethical principles.