NAFA Fleet Management Assn. is running a special webinar series designed to help fleet managers understand and proactively manage risk within their operations.

The Risk Management 101 webinar series is running Feb. 6 through March 1, 2012, each Monday and Thursday. Mondays’ webinars will take place from 6 to 7:30 p.m. EST while Thursdays’ series will take place from 6-7 p.m. EST.

Kate Vigneau, CAFM, will teach the classes, demonstrating the varying strategies for dealing with risk by focusing on insurance, subrogation, training, and safety. She will also address handling a loss.

The webinar series is ideally suited for CAFM/CAFS candidates planning on taking the risk management exam this year, but individuals not currently enrolled in the certification program can also take the course. Students will receive a certificate for completion of the class on submission of their completed questions.

Risk Management 101 involves four competencies. The first deals with risk and the process of managing it. The second defines the principles of insurance and demonstrates its importance in risk management. The third illustrates the importance of driver training and general vehicle safety. Since every risk involved in driving cannot be completely prevented, this competency also covers dealing with loss. The fourth competency covers crash management and the proper ways data and investigations should be managed.

The cost is $199 for CAFM/CAFS candidates currently enrolled in the certification program. The cost for NAFA members/affiliates not currently enrolled in the certification program is $249; and the cost for non-NAFA members/affiliates not currently enrolled in the certification program is $349.

To sign up for the Risk Management 101 webinar course, visit