If you care about keeping up with the news about idle reduction systems, regulations, special grants and projects, and even fines issued for idling, the National Idling Reduction Network News is for you. Produced and distributed by Terry Levinson, environmental systems scientist for Argonne National Laboratory’s Center for Transportation Research, Energy Systems Division, the monthly e-newsletter covers idling-related news from around the country on the state and national level.

This summer has not been a slack time, either. The newsletter provides background information and links to some 14 solicitations for funding and awards, including emissions reduction grants totaling $1.7 million available through the NE Diesel Collaborative. There are also 10 emissions-related meetings on the calendar for late summer and fall, including the Hybrid Truck Users Forum, which will convene this year in Seattle, WA, September 19-21.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and California are all also considering changes to their states’ idling regulations. Most notably, Pennsylvania is considering extending its regional idling regulations statewide, while Massachusetts may add more exemptions to its current idling regulations, such as permitting idling for truck operators while sleeping or resting.

To see the 17-page June newsletter or browse back issues, go to: http://www1.eere.energy.gov/vehiclesandfuels/resources/fcvt_national_idling