Navistar is expanding the support network available for the eStar all-electric commercial truck built as part of the Navistar-Modec EV Alliance. The OEM has added Chicago International Trucks (Chicago market), Rechtien International Trucks (Florida market), K. Neal International Trucks (military and government sales),the Beltway Companies (Baltimore/Metro D.C. area) and DATTCO (New England area) to the rolls of dealers able to support this electric vehicle.

“Expanding our service and support for eStar customers to the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast is a great opportunity to continue growing our business,” said Mark Aubry, vp-sales & marketing for eStar. “It’s an exciting new truck with amazing potential to revolutionize the industry and transform thinking when it comes to clean, efficient transportation.”

First introduced in 2009, the all-electric medium-duty eStar is a Class 2c-3 electric truck with a range of up to 100 miles per charge that can be fully recharged within six to eight hours. Navistar noted that this truck is a “purpose-built” vehicle designed from the ground up to operate on electric power.

The eStar offers a competitive advantage, said Navistar, due to its low center of gravity, with the battery placement between the frame rails, not mounted on top of the vehicle, and a 36-ft turning circle.

The eStar also features a “quick-change” cassette-type battery that can be swapped out in 20 minutes, the OEM noted.