Franklin, TN-based Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) has announced that its 2012 Nissan NV will be sold starting at $24,590. The NV is the company’s first entry into the commercial vehicle market in the U.S. The NV will be produced at Nissan’s Canton, MS assembly plant and is scheduled to go on sale nationwide beginning this spring via a select network of Nissan Commercial Vehicle dealers.

The NV design features “durable body-on-frame construction” and choice of a standard roof or “industry-exclusive” high roof configurations.

NNA said the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) for the 2012 Nissan NV Standard Roof models are as stated here:


  • NV 1500 Standard Roof S V6
  • $24,590
  • NV 1500 Standard Roof SV V6
  • $26,190
  • NV 2500 Standard Roof S V6
  • $25,590
  • NV 2500 Standard Roof SV V6
  • $27,190
  • NV 2500 Standard Roof S V8
  • $26,490
  • NV 2500 Standard Roof SV V8
  • $28,090
  • NV 3500 Standard Roof S V8
  • $28,190
  • NV 3500 Standard Roof SV V8
  • $29,790

MSRP for the 2012 Nissan NV High Roof models are as stated here:


  • NV 2500 High Roof S V6
  • $27,990 USD
  • NV 2500 High Roof SV V6
  • $29,590 USD
  • NV 2500 High Roof S V8
  • $28,890 USD
  • NV 2500 High Roof SV V8
  • $30,490 USD
  • NV 3500 High Roof S V8
  • $30,590 USD
  • NV 3500 High Roof SV V8
  • $32,190 USD

NNA also described the three models by their engine options:

  • NV1500 with standard 4.0-liter V6 engine
  • NV2500 HD with a choice of 4.0-liter V6 or 5.6-liter V8
  • NV3500 HD with standard 5.6-liter V8

All 2012 NV models are equipped with five-speed automatic transmissions.

NAN said the vehicle has been designed as a “solution to the needs of today’s commercial van customers.” The company noted that each NV model is offered in two “grades,” S and SV, and that each delivers “smart functionality through a combination of the comfort and roominess of a pickup with the utility of a cargo van.”

Other key features of the NV noted by NNA include:

  • Full access rear doors (maximum opening angle of 243 degrees)
  • Reinforced integrated cargo area mounting points for durability and ease of cargo-management system installation
  • Vertical side walls in cargo area maximize usable space
  • Water-repellant cloth seating surfaces
  • ‘Durability patch’ built into the front seat bolsters to hold up to commercial use
  • Multifunctional lockable center console offering space to hang files and store a laptop

NNA noted that the van’s “rugged, masculine design combines a full-length hood with access to the engine for service and maintenance, along with signature Nissan styling cues such as large headlights and vertical grille… broad body sides project a serious commercial vehicle appearance and provide ample room for company logos and advertising messages…. tall, wide doors offer easy access to the cargo area.”

The NV provides exceptional utility, thanks to a long, wide cargo floor, square-top wheelwell housings and nearly vertical sidewalls, stated NNA. “Along with maximizing cargo space, the sidewalls accommodate aftermarket storage systems without excessive modification,” according to the company. “The cargo area also features a full-length inner panel to prevent cargo from denting the vehicle’s outer skin (SV models)…. [and] multiple integrated reinforced mounting points for durable installation of cargo customization equipment.

Inside the cab, said NNA, is a “roomy comfortable interior with wide, supportive seating and an expansive instrument panel….passenger seat includes a segment-exclusive fold-down feature, providing a convenient worktable… available lockable center console offers innovative storage compartments and space to hold binders, hanging file folders and a laptop computer.”