Two new online courses – diesel engines and drivetrain – are now being offered by Delmar, which is part of Cengage Learning. The courses are part of Delmar’s Professional Truck Technician Training Series.

The diesel engine course covers tool and equipment safety, engine fundamentals and operation, induction and exhaust systems, diesel fuel and fuel subsystems, as well as a variety of other topics. The drivetrain course covers general shop safety, clutch function and components, standard and automatic transmissions, transmission servicing, heavy duty truck axles, and axle service and repair.

The online courses, as well as any of the other courses in the series, usually run about 8 ½ hours. They are also available in CD-Rom format.

The courses combine theory, diagnosis and repair information and after completion of the class, technicians who receive a tested score of 80 or higher receive a certificate signifying successful completion. They follow both the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation and Automotive Service Excellence content guidelines.

“In this difficult economy, many fleet managers have been forced to cut back on in-person technician training, making the online Professional Truck Technician Training Series an even more valuable tool for ensuring technicians are up to date on current techniques and standards,” said Kristen Davis, director of professional transportation industry solutions. “In addition, fleet managers have the option of purchasing courses as-is or can choose to customize course content, graphics, animations and review questions to meet the needs of their staff.”