Two mobile supply chain products offered by Airclic are now available as an integrated feature on Xata Corp.’s Turnpike solution. Food Perform, a solution for foodservice, and Order Perform, designed for the retail industry, are now offered along with Turnpike as a Software-as-a-Solution product providing real-time tracking, proof of delivery, and fleet management in one solution.

Airclic is a provider of supply chain and logistics software.

“Incorporating Xata Turnpike with our Perform products allows us to offer our retail and foodservice customers the leading products in both proof of delivery and fleet management in a single pre-integrated solution,” said Mike Lee, CEO of Airclic. “Our customers can now increase the efficiency of their drivers, reduce cost and gain a competitive advantage, while keeping track of data required to meet EOBR regulations.”

Turnpike allows users to view driver logs, track vehicles, examine Dept. of Transportation vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR), and receive engine diagnostics and telematics.

The integrated software works on any mobile device or carrier, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into existing business processes and workflows to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and ensure compliance. Integrated via a single sign-on on any mobile device, the software automatically navigates between Perform and Xata Turnpike based on driver activity.

“Xata Turnpike and Airclic Perform is an extremely cost-effective solution that puts smart trucking technology within every driver’s reach,” said Xata’s Christian Schenk, vice president, product marketing. “By combining the two industry-leading SaaS-products, drivers now have a solution that automates their entire workflow – from start of day to payment processing – while increasing safety and compliance.”