The first models of the new TND 760 Fleet Edition from Rand McNally have reached customers, the company announced.

TND 760 Fleet Edition is an in-cab electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) offered at a lower price than traditional systems, Rand McNally said. It is integrated into a truck’s on-board computer and sends and receives information via both WiFi and cellular methods. The in-cab device is designed to be set up in less than 30 minutes and does not require the installation of a separate “black box” monitoring unit like traditional mobile communication systems.

TND 760 also integrates with leading third-party management system providers.

Freight Exchange of North America (F/X) of Chicago is the first customer. F/X operates TMWSuite from TMW Systems, which will deliver information directly to the TND 760.

“The unit has the same functionality as the other solutions we reviewed, but is priced significantly more competitively. The units will allow me to manage my fleet with greater efficiency than we hoped for and we are excited to get them in use. We expect to be fully installed inside of 10 months,” said Fred Alaimo, vice president of operations at Freight Exchange.

Features of the TND 760 include hours-of-service monitoring; document delivery via email/messaging; over 200 metrics to monitor driver and vehicle performance; and navigation.