Police are looking for the driver of a pickup truck who fired a gunshot into the cab of a semi truck Saturday near Catoosa, OK, just outside Tulsa, in an apparent road rage incident. The shot into the cab of the big rig barely missed the head of the driver’s sleeping team member.

A New Jersey trucker told investigators that the driver of a pickup truck became frustrated when the big rig driver attempted to change lanes. The trucker said he attempted to slow and move into the lane behind a green Toyota pickup truck, but the pickup driver also slowed, forcing the trucker to move into the lane ahead of him, according to a report by KTUL News Tulsa.

The trucker said when he was finally able to move into the left lane, the driver of the pickup truck changed lanes and pulled up next to his rig and made a rude gesture.

The semi driver told investigators he returned the gesture and as he was about to exit the turnpike, the driver of the pickup truck pulled out a gun and fired one shot into the side of the semi cab, narrowly missing the head of his driving partner who was asleep. A bullet was retrieved from the truck.

The truck driver was unable to get a vehicle tag number but said the pickup had an Oklahoma license plate. The pickup truck was thought to be a 1998-2000 model green Toyota T100 with a green camper shell. The driver was an older white male with a ball cap and glasses.

Police are asking anyone who has information to call the Rogers County Sheriff's tip line at (918)-341-3620.