Vigillo has created a bundle of all its CSA products and is offering that package to carriers employing fewer than 100 drivers at a deeply discounted price.

“We look at this bundling as a way for smaller fleets, those with the least available resources to dedicate to the tasks of managing CSA, to have the best-in-class tools that enable them to easily handle all aspects of CSA from prehire screenings, to managing violations, to brokering due diligence” said Steven G. Bryan, CEO.

Offered at just $99, the CSA Solution includes:

  • CSA Scorecard Subscription – Vigillo’s flagship CSA product that includes over 100 interactive reports to gain invaluable insight into a fleet’s CSA performance in an easy-to-read scorecard format.
  • Inspection Management System – a state-of-the-art technology that works alongside the scorecards and compares, corrects, and tracks inspection data. Missing and erroneous data on inspections, violations, drivers and vehicles is highlighted and available for immediate correction in all Vigillo scorecard reports and for optional submission to FMCSA’s DataQ’s system.
  • PSP Converter – A downloadable application that converts FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening Program reports into meaningful and valuable analysis of driver candidates. A scorecard is generated for each driver candidate that includes CSA points by BASIC and average CSA points by inspection, as well as a safety event timeline that graphically displays an applicant’s roadside performance history.
  • Carrier Select - A powerful analysis and monitoring tool providing shippers, brokers and insurers with real-time visibility on a carrier’s insurance status, operating authority and safety performance.
  • Roadside Resume – A service that makes CSA scores available directly to individual drivers. Roadside Resume can only be offered to drivers of Vigillo customers and affiliates.