Data mining software company Vigillo has announced that more than 500,000 drivers at over 1,300 carriers are now using its CSA 2010 carrier and driver scorecard.

The scorecard offers a look at the safety data the FMCSA will use in the implementation of the CSA 2010 initiative, which replaces the SafeStat program beginning in November. It uses the same algorithms and methodologies as FMCSA, giving fleets an advanced peek at what their operations will look like under the program, according to the company.

“When the FMCSA released its CSA 2010 data preview product on April 12, we thought our sales trajectory might slow down,” said Steve Bryan, president of Vigillo. “But just the opposite has happened. The carriers are rapidly realizing that even with access to FMCSA’s information, they need more than just the raw data provided. They need the ease-of-use, analysis and individual driver scoring.”