According to a report by Byron Pope posted today on, “U.S. sales of medium- and heavy-duty trucks in October continued their momentum from last month with a 5.2% gain on like-2009 to 18,522 units.” What’s more, “year-to-date deliveries grew 10.8% in October, compared with year-ago, to 176,530 [units]”

Class 5 sales “led the pack, with sales soaring 55.0%, while Class 6 and 7 saw slight increases of 0.1% and 5.0%, respectively. Class 4 made a dismal showing in the month, with deliveries tumbling 58.5%.” Total medium-duty deliveries in October climbed 4.9%, compared with like-2009, to 9,861 [units].

Sales of Class 8 trucks rose 6.3% in the month, “largely on the back of Daimler’s Freightliner brand’s 49.8% spike to 3,128 units.”

The report also noted that “October inventories of Class 8 and medium-duty trucks declined in both units and days’ supply.” Class 8 showed a 68-day supply (22,032 units), down from 80 days (24,235) a year ago and the medium-duty days’ supply dropped to 70 days (25,387) from 84 (29,410) in like-2009.