Paccar Parts has announced the general availability of its TruckerLink telematics and fleet management service.

The solution uses Paccar’s proprietary Remote Carrier Switching technology, which automatically switches the service’s cellular connection between GSM and CDMA networks to ensure continuous connection.

TruckerLink allows dispatchers and maintenance staff to monitor trucks in real time from any computer. Among the information transmitted is the location of trucks, driver logs and fuel consumption reports, vehicle diagnostic data, and inspection results.

The solution is comprised of three main components:

  • TruckerLink Fleet is a secure website that houses the data and is accessible from any computer, reporting operational status of all networked trucks in real time.
  • TruckerLink Advanced Mobile Gateway (AMG) is installed on all trucks. AMG communicates GPS location and diagnostics data over cellular networks.
  • TruckerLink Driver is a collection of applications to assist drivers in reporting their hours of service and driver vehicle inspection reports.

TruckerLink plugs into a truck’s J1939 electronic databus, running vehicle diagnostic programs with system alerts reported real-time to the TruckerLink Fleet website.

It is available at all Kenworth and Peterbilt dealer locations.