YRC Freight has been born. The company, formerly known as YRC after the merger of Yellow and Roadway and a subsidiary of YRC Worldwide, will continue to focus on less-than-truckload shipments throughout North America.

“We are proudly debuting our new name, YRC Freight. Moving freight is our heritage, what we do best and the key to our future. Our new name, logo and branding program publicly demonstrate the unification of a new company and culture that aligns perfectly with our strategy moving forward,” said Jeff Rogers, president of YRC Freight.

The company’s new website is located at www.yrcfreight.com.

As part of the name change, the company will rebrand uniforms, equipment, and signage, it said. Equipment rebranded will be carried out as part of regularly scheduled maintenance and refurbishing. Driver uniforms and building signs will feature bright blue, white and orange colors.

“In the four months that new leadership has been in place, we have experienced month-over-month increases in our on-time service performance, our customer satisfaction scores, and in our market share position,” said Rick Mathews, senior vice president of sales and marketing at YRC Freight. “As shipment counts trend upward for 2012, we will continue to emphasize picking up and delivering shipments on time and delivering them damage-free.”

“Our new name reflects our passion, our purpose and our commitment to regain our role as leaders in the industry. Freight is our business and now it is our name,” said Rogers. “We’re freight professionals and it's critically important that we focus like never before on exceeding expectations of our customers every day with every shipment. We will work to keep our brand promise — Confidence Delivered.”